Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My trip to the zoo

I remember two months ago I went to the zoo with my son Cruz and my wife. It was a beautiful day. We saw more than twenty different animals.

Gorillas, Elephants and much more but there was one that really impressed me.

The Tiger is the name of the biggest cat in the feline family. This tiger has orange fur and black stripes. These animals are found in the jungles of Asia. This big cat could weigh between 200 and 360 kgs.

This animal is in danger of extinction because humans traffic their fur and their bones. There are about 7200 tigers left in the world.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guantanamo, Cuba - My Hometown

The name of my hometown is Guantanamo.

It is in the southeast of Cuba. The population is approx. 245,000. The mountains are in the north, It overlays the Sierra Maestra,and borders of the Caribean sea in the South.

The climate is tropical so it is very hot and humid.

The people in Guantanamo have plantations where they produce sugar cane, coffee and tabaco.

People of my town are the most friendly people of Cuba. They like to help everyone. They make you feel like you are in your own home giving their hospitality and love.

Cubans like to party. There is a lot of occasion to celebrate in Guantanamo.

Carnival in Cuba is one of the many events held. Five days of party with bands, dancing, drinking and food. Carnival is held every year in August.

My first day in Australia was seven years ago. I was dancing in a Cuban show called "Lady Salsa". I stayed in hotel in Coogee. I remember it was winter and I went out just for a walk to see the beautiful beach. I was walking and the only thing that I heard was people speaking english. I almost go crazy because I couldn't understand them. I went back to the hotel and I turned on the TV and felt the same thing in my head. My friends and I went out for drinks to enjoy Australia.